5 Types Of Crystal Soap And What It Says About You

5 Types Of Crystal Soap And What It Says About You

A crystal soap is a great way to feel luxurious in the bath. From its lovely colours, striking patterns, and gorgeous scents, it’s no wonder why people are turning to this wonderful beauty piece. Let’s look at the incredible piece of a beauty nourishing body wash can do for you. There are a range of crystal soap types to choose from such as amethyst, aquamarine, rose quartz, opal, and many more to take your pick. Each of these have its own benefits ranging from inner relaxation, pure healing, creativity, concentration, and many other positive effects. Here are the five different types of crystal soap to choose from and what it says about you.

What Does Your Choice In Crystal Soap Say About You?


Amethyst crystal soap is known for its healing properties, providing inner peace and calm to anyone who uses it as a bathing ritual. It works to provide you to connect with your true spirit, connecting both the real world and the dream world. Being referred to as the Sobriety Stone, it has allowed people to help change and transform their lives for good. Ailments it can help alleviate include, arthritis, circulatory issues, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and many more! In addition to a crystal soap, you can use it as a bath soap, massage oil and many other nourishing treatments for deep relaxation.

Rose Quartz

Crystal soap

Rose quartz crystal soap is perfect for anyone wanting to have romantic and sensual bath with their loved one. It has a light pink shade, that is clear and striking all at the same time. Rose quartz symbolise compassion and true love, providing the right amount of devotion for their partner. It is the classic stone symbolising femininity, harmony, and balance. For a nice bath session with your partner, this crystal soap is the ideal choice for anyone looking to have an nice romantic evening. You can therefore feel at ease knowing that you’ve got a crystal soap that’ll make bath time a whole lot funnier.  


Opal as a crystal soap is the ideal choice for anyone looking to bring back positivity to their day-to-day lives. For a lot of people, the meaning of the precious stone is cleanliness, wonder, and pizzaz, adding more good spirits to your morning. Back in the Roman times, discovered upon the waters filled with silica. It’s such a precious sight for your bathtub, adding fun and excitement to its beautiful colours it has. Founded in Australia’s country lands, a boy had stumbled upon this crystal soap when he was looking for quartz and gold. Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato had penned at the first recorded sighting of opal talking about how bewitching the sight was.


Aquamarine is the best crystal soap for a relaxing and soothing bath. It allows you to feel at your most happiest, at your most healthiest, and allows your communication abilities to flow. This gemstone is a great for allowing you to feel at your most comfortable, bringing about more happiness to anyone who uses it. For a good time bath you can find yourself feeling incredibly relaxed and feeling positive like a crystal soap. It can help amplify your night, this allows you to have a wonderful bath during the night time. This crystal soap is known as the water of the sea, allowing you to feel right at home while you are basking in the bathtub.

The Last Scrub

Crystal soap is a great way to have the bath time that is ultra-soothing and relaxing. Wash your cares away!