How To Find Flattering Designer Bathing Suits

woman in a one-piece designer bathing suit

Whether you’ve got a pear-shaped figure, an hourglass frame or an athletic body, there’s undoubtedly something out there for you when it comes to designer bathing suits. To help you find a flattering style we’ve put together a list of some of the most common body concerns that women face and what to look for in designer bathing suits.

Small bust

Finding beautiful bathing suits to suit a small bust is less of a challenge than you might think. If you have a smaller chest then you should look for styles that include ruffles, embroidery or other embellishments as these can give the impression of a larger chest. Another option you may want to consider is a design with padding or detailing around the bust to draw the eye or better yet, embrace your natural assets with a nice triangle bikini for a chic look.

Big bust

If you have a big bust then you’ll want to steer clear of tiny string bikinis as you will not get the support you’ll need. Instead you’ll want to look for designer bathing suits with underwire support and you may even want to look for structured cups that will give you some support. Another great idea is to look for features like thicker straps and double stitching for more support.

Broad shoulders

Broad shoulders can be tough on the beach. It can be difficult to balance them out but there are some great options you can choose when it comes to picking flattering designer bathing suits. Look into bold or solid colours on top and bottoms with prints or panels on the side as this can help to draw the eye and will give the impression of a less boxy figure. Asymmetrical designs are also a great idea as they can create straight lines on the figure and will make your shoulders seem less broad.

Flat butt

woman posing in a beach with her designer bathing suit

If you have a smaller butt then you should look to select bottoms with frills, ruffles or ruching as this can give the impression of a larger butt. Bottoms in bright colours, loud prints or with interesting designs can also help to flatter your behind. If you want to give the impression of a bigger boot then you should look for designer bathing suits that show a little bit of cheek.

Big butt

If you have ample assets when it comes to the backside area then you should look for solid designs for bottoms and slightly more coverage as this can prevent your bottoms from being too uncomfortable or too revealing and can help to stop you from having to constantly tug at wedgies. Another great tip is to look for printed tops as this can help to balance out large butts.

Athletic bodies

If you have a very athletic figure then it’s easier than you think to create the impression of more curves. Look for prints and bright colours in designer bathing suits with cups or ruching. Avoid straight designs like bandeaus, or boy-cut briefs as this would only increase the impression of your athletic figure.

Love handles

If you’re fighting a losing battle with the bulge then high waisted bottoms can do wonders. High waisted pants are great for hiding your muffin top or any other areas that you might feel self-conscious about.

Back fat

If you’re struggling with back fat then it’s a great idea to look for designs with thicker straps and higher backs to help smooth out any lumpy areas.

A tummy

If you have a bit of a belly to hide then it’s actually simpler than you’d think. A great way to keep the attention of your stomach is to opt for one piece suits with ruching to help conceal the area.