How to Know if a Local Furniture Store in Sydney is Selling Authentic Goods

How does the average consumer know whether or not the furniture store in Sydney they are visiting is in the business of selling authentic goods?

In 2019 the lines can be blurred between genuine outlets doing quality business and those dubious providers who are selling faux products masquerading as the real deal.

Here we will offer some key advice for shoppers who want to buy teak outdoor furniture to furnish their home or business, ensuring they are not being grifted or shortchanged in the process.


Known Brand Seller

Not every piece of authentic furniture will be provided by a known brand seller from a furniture store in Sydney. However, for those that want to eliminate that threat from the equation, they are better placed banking their dollars on a business who is easy to search and known across the domestic marketplace.

Unfortunately there are dubious outlets who are willing to sell knock-off products or black market goods under the auspices of being a legitimate provider – all designed to line their own pockets. To really test their reputation to the wider public, check the brand online and examine their name recognition complimented by ratings and reviews from previous customers. That exercise will provide a clearer picture and shed any light on dubious practices.


Testing The Fabric

Determining the authenticity of goods from a furniture store in Sydney ultimately comes down to the goods themselves. This is particularly the case for sofas and lounges of the leather variety. By accessing a sample swatch, users can get a tangible feel for the grains and inconsistencies that are offered by genuine leather items. These creations will absorb any water that it is exposed to, providing the same bumpy feel all across the seating arrangement without any artificial clean feel or smell.


Customer Service Representatives and Contacts

You can often tell a lot about the authenticity of a furniture store in Sydney by the people who represent the business. If they present themselves in a professional manner complete with the right attire and approach to customer services, they are already ticking many of the right boxes. This can extend to open phone lines and emails that are responded to with urgency and professionalism.


Legally-Binding Warranty Terms

A legally binding warranty that protects the value of a purchase for one, two, five or ten years would illustrate that the furniture store in Sydney is legitimate. These written policies could be cross-referenced by a lawyer for those that have their doubts, but offering an assurance that provides a refund or replacement for compromised goods is an ideal starting point. It can apply to kitchen and coffee tables, sofas, bookcases, cupboards and more.


Flexible Payment Methods

Red flags should be raised for consumers who are forced or pressured to pay via cash at a furniture store in Sydney. These organisations should be widely accepting a variety of payment methods, ranging from credit cards and keycards to Paypal, cash or cheque. There are local legitimate businesses who might not have the resources to run a Paypal program or have a policy against the use of cheques given that it is 2019, but it should never be a cash only policy. Accepting those terms would be running a major risk, as there is no paper trail or reference for the transaction should something go array in the aftermath.



Once all of these elements have been checked and taken onboard by the consumer, it really does come down to a subjective decision based on instinct as to the legitimacy of a furniture store in Sydney. Should they communicate a professional image where they are recognised online and offline by local constituents, offering quality customer service representation, warranty guarantees and flexible payment methods, then much of that doubt around their authenticity can be alleviated.