How to Transition to a New Non-Profit Organization Software Package

How to Transition to a New Non-Profit Organization Software Package

How do brands make the switch from an outdated model to a brand new non-profit organization software package? Some outlets simply make the leap on day one and hope that all of the pieces fall into place. Others will be more strategic about this process because of the sensitive nature of the update, a phase that impacts accounts, donor lists, campaigning and planning measures. We will discuss the methods that managers can use as they switch to a new software platform in the non-profit sector.

Ensure Package is Affordable

Outlets who are scanning options with non-profit organization software first need to identify what kind of operational budget they have at their disposal. While the initial asking price might seem accessible, there can be monthly subscription fees that have to be factored into the process. Managers need to be in consultation with their accounting team to make the transition easy to oversee, picking out a product that is financially sustainable in the medium and long-term for the venture.

Read Reviews & Ratings for the Brand

The best way to make a success of non-profit organization software is to have confidence in the brand. If constituents know that other entities in the same industry have applied these programs effectively for their own use to maximise returns and expand reach with stakeholders, then there will be a greater willingness to make the investment happen. Track the comments that are published by other clients, see what the 5-star rating system says about the package and whether or not there are any recommendations that come the way of network relationships.

Pay Attention to Program Features

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The real value that is discovered with non-profit organization software will be the range of tools and features that they display for users. From event planning to campaign strategy, marketing ventures, logistics, accounting, donorship management, outreach and research capabilities, these components need to be included for groups that want to get the most out of their resources. By studying what elements are involved and how they are applied through the platform, members will identify a package that ticks all of the necessary boxes.

Access to Customer Service Excellence 

It always helps the cause to splash out on non-profit organization software in the knowledge that the provider delivers on customer service assistance. It can take time for team members to get up to speed on the transition, something that can be fast tracked when there are representatives on hand to guide users through the protocols and best practices. If those provisions are put into place, then management will know that they have a quality purchase on their hands.

Have Involvement of Staff Members Early

Men and women who use non-profit organization software on a day-to-day basis will be impacted most by the transition to a new operational model. If they are notified and involved early in the piece, they will be brought up to speed a lot easier. Being presented with an immediate change on the spot can be startling, especially for people who have been accustomed to a program for a long time.

Secure Warranty Guarantees

Non-profit entities who are in the market for these software programs should be utilising suppliers who deliver on warranty guarantees, something that can be checked with the terms and conditions of service. This is a way of checking the credentials of the provider and to see if there are safeguards in place in case there are operational faults or issues down the line. By paying close attention to the terms and conditions before discussing the warranty inclusion with a non-profit organization software brand, it will be simple to establish what constitutes value for money in the long-term.