Ink Stamps: Basic Tips And Advice On The Use

Businessman using ink stamps on documents

Ink stamps offer a self-contained and convenient tool for marking correspondence and documents consistently. They can be customized to have your signature or a return address. They can also include a modifiable section for date. Every business and even individuals should have ink stamps as part of their stationery. 

It should be noted that with time, the ink dries up but you should never throw it away. The stampers come with an interior ink container or pad that can be refilled easily. You also have to be extra careful when filling the ink container or pad so that you do not overfill. 

You should know that these tools do not use much ink. This post looks at some important questions that are frequently asked by users. Let us get right into them. 

How do I refill my ink stamps?

As stated earlier, you should not throw away your ink stamps when the ink dries out because you can refill them and continue to use them. Whether your stamp is pre-inked or build-in ink pads, you can easily refill it without any stress. Let us look at the refilling process for both types.

Pre-inked Stamps: To refill this, remove the cap from the refill bottle and turn the stamper upside down. This is to ensure that the impression is facing up. Now, put 3 to 4 drops of ink on the impression’s surface and let the sponge absorbs it fully.  

Next, replace the cap on the bottle and put the stamper in a small vase or cup overnight, and let the impression face up. Before you use it, make sure you blot the surface of the impression gently to remove the excess ink.

Built-in Ink Pads: For this, first remove the cap on the ink bottle and the stamper mechanism’s top. This will reveal the ink reservoirs. Place 3 to 5 drops of ink in the ink pad or reservoir ad reassemble the stamper cover.  

If it is an ink pad, slide it into place and let the ink soak for about three hours. Before you use it, stamp the stamper on a blank sheet about two to three times to remove the excess and also check if the ink has been evenly distributed across the pad.

How can I clean my ink stamps?

ink stamps for documents

Ink stamps will last longer if they are properly cleaned. To clean your ink stamps, you would need a stamp cleaner or soap and water. If your ink stamp is non-staining, you can clean it with mild soapy water. If you have ink embedded in the corners of the stamps, it is recommended that you use a clean toothbrush to clean off the ink. 

You can also choose a stamp cleaner, which cleans and condition the ink stamps. The stamp scrubber is another option if you do not want to use a toothbrush. Its textured scrubbing pads make it safe and effective in cleaning the inner sides of the stamps. This will remove any residue ink that may not wash off with only mild soapy water.

How can I store my ink stamps?

One of the ways to ensure the longevity of your ink stamps is to store them properly after every use and cleaning. If you have multiple stamps, do not stack many of them on top of each other because the weight can damage those that are at the bottom. It is recommended that you get storage that enables you to store heavy and big stamps at the bottom. 

You can also make cardboard boxes to accommodate your stamps. Additionally, you should keep ink stamps away from direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can damage the rubber and give you an uneven stamping effect when using it. The heat from the sun can also quickly dry out the ink and rubber making it brittle and hard. It can also cause discoloration for the acrylic stamps.