Reasons People Love Fake Grass In Sydney

fake grass in a Sydney home

Fake grass is booming in popularity right around the world, including in Australia. There are many reasons that people love artificial grass, and if this is something that you are considering, then you need to know all the benefits of this type of grass and how it works, so you can get the most out of your product.

Australia has a very interesting climate that can be difficult to manage real grass, especially in the extremely hot summers we have. A place like Sydney can have really hot days in the summer, which can cause a lot of damage to real grass and this is why fake grass in Sydney is becoming highly popular.

If you aren’t should which option you should go with, real grass or fake grass, then have a read on below at some of the main reasons why people love fake grass so much:

Effort Free

The technology and development of fake grass has really improved over the past few years, this means that you can get artificial grass that really does look like the real thing, you would have to get up really close to see that it isn’t real. So, if you want a beautiful-looking lawn all year round, without really having to lift a finger, then you really should consider fake grass.

The only thing you need to do is watch at the fake turf company installs your grass, and then you will have year’s worth of perfect-looking grass. It doesn’t matter if there hasn’t been rain for months, you don’t need to waste water (and your time) tending to the garden. You could even go on a long holiday and not have to come back worried about the state of your grass!

Works in All Places

fake grass Sydney product

Sometimes, there are places around your yard that real grass just won’t grow in, no matter what you do. If this is the case, then fake grass is probably going to be your best option. There could be a big tree that blocks the grass from getting the sunlight it needs to grow, or the side of your house that is always in the shade.

Fake grass works in all sorts of conditions, and it doesn’t mind that it isn’t getting any sunlight. You could install artificial turf anywhere in your yard, in constant shade or direct sunlight; it won’t impact this type of grass.

Cost Effective

There is a lot that goes into purchasing and maintaining real grass. Not only do you have to purchase the grass itself, but you also need other tools, like a lawn mower, fertiliser or irrigation. As well as this, if despite your best efforts it still dies, you will need to continue to pay for new grass and start the process all over again.

You don’t have to worry about any of this with fake grass. Yes, the installation costs in the beginning are probably going to be higher than they of real grass, but if you are looking over the lifetime of the artificial turf, you are certainly going to be saving money and this is the more cost effective option.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Some people are allergic to grass, so getting fake grass is probably a no brainer for them. But it is also good to know that fake grass is made from safe and non-toxic materials. Therefore it is suitable for young children and pets to play on it.

As well as this, you won’t need to use fertilisers or pesticides on the fake grass, making it an even safer option for young children and pets, which always seem to like putting things in their mouth.