What is Online Team Building?

What is Online Team Building

With the recent attack of the global pandemic, Covid-19, the whole world has put up several measures to help curb the virus. Some of these measures include maintaining social distance. This means that there should be minimal to no contact with people unless they are getting crucial services that require physical presence.

These measures have affected the way people are conducting their lives. However, that shouldn’t hinder you from moving on with life. Most services and products are obtained remotely via the online platform. If this is the case, why not have an online team building session as well?

In this article, we are focusing on making an online team building session possible and how much fun one can have along the way. The activities in team building are meant to bring workers together in an exciting way.

Online Team Building Defined

Just as people are working remotely, they can find time and engage in online activities with their colleagues to create bonds and drive out monotony. Therefore, online team building refers to a virtual meeting which involves challenging and mind-blowing activities that colleagues engage in for fun. Online team building, also known as virtual team building, helps the whole team to bond with each other by forming a collaborative setting that creatively resembles the office.

Importance of Online Team Building

Team building online
  • Since there is minimal contact with the people you used to work with due to the set regulations, the distance creates isolation and hence, reduced performance. Once your employees detect isolation, working in teams with their colleagues is going to be difficult. For this reason, creating a comfortable team setting that will enable all employees to participate can greatly improve productivity and performance.
  • When a team of workers comes together virtually, they bring back the bond they had and this ensures they are all comfortable working towards the same cause.
  • Online team building strengthens the relationship between colleagues as it brings them together- from various departments. Once the employees collaborate to solve a problem, they understand each other better and help to bring respect to every department in the organization. What’s more, they will know how to work together to bring solutions that will better the company moving forward.
  • Online team building helps to break the barriers and monotony that comes with continuous working. As mentioned in the definition, virtual team building provides a fun baseline for colleagues to enjoy themselves while taking part in the activities.
  • Online Team building also helps employees to learn and keep practicing the art of providing positive feedback.
  • Generally, online team building is rewarding as you get to have so much fun in the comfort of your home.

Examples of Online Team Building Activities

  • Virtual team building Bingo: This type of activity is similar to the one played physically in summer camps or retirement homes. However, the online format has proven to be the best version as participants and winners get awards almost instantly.
  • Solving Puzzles (Murder in Ancient Egypt): this is a collaborative activity that is quite popular today involving escape rooms, problem-solving, and puzzles. No better game helps the team work together than this one.
  • The Guessing Game: Participants take a photo of, say a refrigerator and share it to determine whether they can guess precisely the contents of the refrigerator.
  • Guess personal facts: if you want to know your team better, playing this game is ideal. Before the game begins, the manager will request members to share personal facts about each of them. The facts are then put together in a document that is shared. You are supposed to write the name of the employee with corresponding personal facts.


Online team building is becoming popular today. And that is why you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to have some fun while getting your mind blown in the process. It is the best way to learn to accommodate each other in the work setting.