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Top IT Companies of 2018

  1. Microsoft

This company is the most valuable company in the world and is worth $750.6 Billion. Bill Gates founded the company in the year 1975. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington and is known as one of the largest tech companies in the world. The services offered are that it manufactures, develops, sells the computer, supports, personal computers, consumer electronics, and other services. The company is well known for its Microsoft office suite, operating systems, Edge web browsers, internet explorer and Xbox. It also produces a wide variety of computer and enterprise software for desktops and servers.


  1. IBM

International Business Machine is the short form for IBM, and the company is the world’s largest IT company with more than 400,000 employees. The company is operating over 170 countries around the world. The firm provides two main IT solutions that are Global Technology Services and Global Business Services. The GTS does the infrastructure support, process outsourcing, and product maintenance. The GBS takes care of the applications management services, consulting as well as the system integrations. The company’s total annual revenue in the year 2017 was $79.1 billion.


  1. Accenture-

It is a global management consulting firm and professional services that provides strategy, digital, consulting, technology and operations services. The company is headquartered in Dublin in the year 2009. The company has various business units that provide mobility services and digital marketing analytics. The company provides strategy services, operation strategy, and business strategy. The company is now serving clients in more than 120 countries and is known as the leading tech companies in the world. The company is also known for keeping the spot as the richest and best software company in the year 2018.


  1. Oracle-

This company is an American MNC technology company that is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. The company specializes in developing and marketing technology and database software; it also does cloud engineering systems, database management system and enterprise software products. The company is also the second largest company in the world by revenue, after Microsoft. Currently, the company is investing in AI and human interface technologies. Oracle is the most innovative company and is listed in the top companies in the


  1. HP Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, in short, knows as HP is one of the world’s leading technology firms that offers IT, solution, technology & enterprise products and services. The company is Headquartered in Palo Alto, California and develops, sells hardware components as well as software and other related services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, including customers within the government, education and health sectors. The company’s Software also provides software solutions such as SAAS software that does service, cloud computing services, including education, consulting, support, etc.

Five Key Concepts of Financial Literacy

  1. Fundamentals of Budgeting –

Being able to prepare and maintain a budget is one of the most fundamental yet crucial aspects of financial literacy. In the age of digitization on a global scale, it is quite easy to create a budget with the help of various online tools such as websites and apps. For example, and other online platforms. These tools are capable of helping you keep track of your money so that you are held accountable for whatever comes in and goes out.


  1. Interest Impact –

The subject of interest is briefly touched upon in mathematics at various levels, but the detail concept is essential to be familiar with. Aspects of interest such as compound interest etc. are crucial awareness topics to call yourself financially literate.



  1. The new savvy is saving – 

Savings are one of the most vital aspects of financial literacy lessons and also the most undermined. It is quite easy to neglect important things like retirement as it is something that you don’t see happening in the near future and therefore is seemingly less important. Regardless, learning to save early in life is responsible as it helps you get into a routine and thus avoid unnecessary expenditure. Savings not only maintain your financial health, but they also teach you early lessons on the value of money.


  1. Lessons on Credit-Debt –


The most suffering population of the lot with regard to credit-debit concepts is the student population. Most students are unable to manage their credit and end up in situations wherein they lose out on it all. This is the reason that it is vital to spread awareness about credit and debit related concepts.  Credit can prove to be an extremely useful tool if managed the right way. Youngsters are known to make rash decisions that cost them a lot in return.


  1. Issues concerning  Identity Theft & Safety-

Security issues are the most common and most dangerous of the problems we face today. This is largely due to the growing digitization process across the globe. Regardless of who you are, you will have to use an online platform to conduct a transaction at some point in your life. At such a juncture, it is essential to keep your financial information safe from fraud. Some things that you can do are set password protection, limit the amount of data you give out, etc. The steps mentioned above will help save you from a potential financial downfall caused solely due to negligence. Although it is not foolproof, it is vital to safeguard finances to the best of our ability in order to avoid such threats.


Principles Of The Adoption Law In The U.S.A



  1. The Birth Parents do not hold Parental Rights –

The decision of adoption means severing legal ties of adopted children with their biological parents. The children then become that of the adoptive parents for all legal purposes.


  1. The need for Consent –

In most cases, the biological parents of the children need to allow the proceedings to move forward either voluntarily or knowingly.   Keep in mind that the court will not create any legal relationship between the children and the adoptive parents unless and until consent is proved with the required documents. The court requires the permission of both the biological mother and the father. If in case of unmarried fathers, the supreme court has now recognized their rights by establishing putative father registries that allow unwed fathers to register their contact information to obtain notice of adoption proceedings.


  1. Keep in mind your child’s best interest –

The adoption law needs the focus to be solely on the interests of the child and not that of the adoptive parents or birth parents. Every adoption requires there to be a probationary period to assess the fit of the child with the adoptive parents. For this, the court will base its judgment on investigations that are carried out by various child welfare professionals   A court will generally rely on investigations conducted by child welfare professionals and their assessment of the child’s well being and interests in the adoptive house.


  1. Adoption proceeding need to be confidential –

Adoption proceedings are not public in nature and therefore need to be carried out in private. Unless and until there is a valid reason for scrutiny, adoption records are sealed and not opened without the mutual consent of parties involved. Earlier, the law stated that the biological parents are unaware of the adoptive parents and vice versa, but today, the process of opening sealed records has become more accessible and more accommodating.



  1. Adoption is permanent –

Once finalized, there is no backing out of adoption so ensure you are well aware of the consequences and responsibilities that come along both during and post-adoption. It is only post-finalization of the whole process that the adoptive parents take over the complete rights and duties from the biological parents. And once these responsibilities are taken over, one cannot go back on it and therefore become a permanent parent. There is a certain period allotted post-adoption to settle in, post which, the adoption files are shut forever unless and until there is an emergency to do so. Some cases in which the records are reopened are fraud, violence, abuse of rights, etc on the part of the adoptive parents.

How to have healthy and glowing skin?


It is the dream of everyone to have skin which glows. But sadly the soft baby skin is something which can only be got if you take good care of your skin. Many people fail to pay proper attention to their skins and end up having bad skin health. The skincare and anti-ageing product based companies are huge industries which are constantly growing, but if you want to have healthy skin, it really depends on how you treat your body. Let us take a look at some of the tips for keeping your skin healthy:


Drink plenty of water:

Water can do wonders for your body and skin. If you are worried that you have a dull and dry skin you need to be drinking more water. An adult should drink at least 3 to 5 litres of water every day. Water removes all the toxins in our body, and it also helps in carrying all the nutrients to different parts of our body. When you drink plenty of water, your skin will be hydrated, and you will have a glossy appearance.


Do not keep your hands or hair on your face:

Avoid letting your hair stick to your face and also avoid touch your face with your hands as there are a lot of germs in your hands and hair. You don’t want these germs to enter the pores which are in your face. Avoid touching your face often with your hands. Our hands are something with which we touch so many things, and we don’t want germs to enter the pores on our face.


Wash your skin with mild cleaners:

Do not use soaps and other cleansers which are harsh. Only use mild soaps which will not harm your skin. Make sure that your skin is kept clean all the time. If you go outside and come back to your house, make sure that you wash your face, hands and legs so that dust and other germs will not get into your skin.


Apply moisturizer:

Before you go out apply moisturiser on your skin so that the water content in your skin will be retained. No matter how much water your drink, some amount of water will escape out of your skin through sweat and other things. To avoid this, you need to apply a good moisturiser which will nurture your skin.


Eat healthily:

If you are a person who eats a lot of oil and junk foods, you will end up having poor skin. There are more chances for you to get acne and other things if you eat junk food. Your food intake needs to have a balanced diet. Try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as they are very good for your skin.


Important Life lessons


Important Life lessons

  1. What’s holding you back is only your thought that something is holding you back-

Anger, hostility, Resentment, grudges are the things that will destroy your positive energy and keep you from moving forward in life. Cut them loose, and you can be free for great things.


  1. The road to success and failure are similar-

Sometimes your path may look rocky and steep while some others have it much easy in life, but you should know that everyone faces obstacles and detours. We can never control the road we are on but the choices we take in our life play a huge role in how far we go in life.


  1. Failure is not that fatal, and success is not the final-

There is saying that goes “defeat will never be fatal. Victory will never be final. It is the courage that counts.” Success has its way of ebbing and flowing with the moment, and it is the ability to ride the risks without falling off that is the most significant lessons learned.



  1. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet-

If you are a type of person that is waiting around for someone around to help you make it live, then you waiting is in vain. Anything good that happens in your life is best when you make it happen. All the experiences and opportunities do not just come your way; you have to create them by yourself.


  1. If you are never willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary-

By taking the risk, you are showing confidence, and it also means you are willing to learn. The lessons you learn will put you on an important new path. Unless you are lucky, success will not come to you, and you will have to pursue it, and you will not achieve your dreams by just playing it safe. The biggest risk in your life is not taking risks at all.


  1. “Nothing is impossible- the word itself says, I’m possible”-

This quote by Audrey Hepburn reminds everyone to stay positive and hopeful in life and it is not the easiest task when your world is wrapped up in pessimism and doubt. Always believe in your abilities and even faith in your success.



  1. Do not let the fear of losing be bigger than the pleasure of winning-

Many people have a fear of losing or failing, and you should always be excited over winning more than the idea of losing. Your enthusiasm for success must be more than your fear of failing, so it gives you energy and focus on what you do in life. Their many lessons in life you learn and some of them you will learn it in a hard way, but you should let your experiences of other teach you always.


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